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PC Management

PC Management

ITech+'s Desktop Management System provides the comprehensive preventive maintenance services your computer needs without delay or interruption to your business. Regularly scheduled and automated updates ensure maximum productivity, security, uptime, and performance of your desktop environment.

Intelligent Agent Desktop Optimization

ITech+'s 24/7 proactive desktop optimization cleans maintains desktops without work interruption or decreased performance. Intelligent agent works when you're not, and ensures that you're able to work when necessary. Daily antivirus signature checks, spyware scan and removal, and temp file deletion are all part of intelligent agent desktop optimization.

Intelligent Security Management

ITech+ proactively updates your PC's with the latest Microsoft patches after they are tested and certified by our team. ITech+ ensures all critical security updates and patches before deployment without causing interruptions to your system. Security management services include: Patch testing, detailed management reporting, and rapid web-based distribution, protecting all system from security breaches, attacks, and viruses.

Assetand Lifecycle Management

ITech+ manages your entire desktop life cycle and gives you a real time accurate account of your hardware assets through the ITech+ Desktop Management System. Real time queries and flexible reporting options make software license compliance tracking and upgrade planning simple.

ITech+ PC Management Key Benefits:

Ensure optimal desktop performance and efficiency allowing seamless workflow with minimal technology setbacks.

Lower the total cost of PC ownership by decreasing maintenance cost and downtime episodes.

Increase security across your network regardless of location and network connectivity.

Stay protected from security breaches, attacks, and viruses while safeguarding intellectual property.

Maximize control over your organizations software applications to keep the company compliant and employees productive.

Increase control over your desktop environment by gaining an accurate account of your hardware through automated tracking

Complete visibility and access to your desktop/laptop information securely 24/7 via the ITech+ Desktop Management System.

Create asset lifecycles and maximize existing and future resource allocations.