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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

ITech+’s Server Monitoring Tool is web-based software that enables ITech+ to monitor your business’ servers. ITech+ uses this tool to guarantee less server downtime and increased employee productivity. ITech+’s Server Monitoring Tool monitors your server status every five minutes; in the event of a critical issue, ITech+ is quickly notified and able to respond immediately.

Enterprise Level Tools for Your Small Business

Until now, server-monitoring tools have only been available to large businesses with a dedicated IT staff. However, through ITech+’s exclusive partnerships and development teams, we are able to bring enterprise level technology tools to your small business

Technology Disaster Prevention

Your server is without a doubt the nucleus of your small business network. Employees rely on this server to perform their business activities. When a server crashes, it doesn’t just affect one employee or one computer, it creates company wide downtime with the potential for disastrous results. ITech+ uses state of the art tools and a highly skilled team of technicians to monitor and maintain your server, the most critical technology asset at your business

Server Monitoring Included

Service Availability Monitoring 24x7

Security Patch Management

Service Pack Management

Event Log Monitoring

Drive Space Monitoring

Error Monitoring

Service Down Restart

Core Health Monitoring

Automated Daily Maintenance

ITech+’s Server

Ensure Uptime

Critical events, generally a precursor to a total server meltdown, are identified and remedied

In the unfortunate event of a server crash, ITech+ will quickly begin troubleshooting issues and limiting potential downtime.

Top Server Performance

The ITech+ Server Monitoring Tool continuously monitors your server’s performance to ensure optimal network efficiency and overall productivity.

ITech+’s Server Monitoring Tool generates daily server reports that allow ITech+ to maximize server performance

ITech+ is immediately alerted when your harddrive reaches 90% of its capacity. A full hard-drive causes major server issues.


Through ITech+’s Server Monitoring Tool’s security features, ITech+ ensures the protection of your company’s intellectual property.